What should I bring?

A completed release form (see below), a completed lesson policy form (if doing riding lessons), blue jeans, boots with a heel, and a helmet. Be prepared to get a little dirt on you.

Is any riding experience required?

No. Whatever riding level you’re at, we’ll coach you through everything you need to know. 

What if I have to cancel my session?

No worries, but please note that you must reschedule your session within 30 days of cancellation. There are no refunds for scheduled lessons.

Where are you located?

1443 Johnson Road, Keller, TX. Easily accessible from both I-35W and SH-114.

Where should I park?

Follow the driveway to the right. Pull through the red gate (you’ll have to open it), and park by the barn.

What happens if there’s bad weather?

We have room in our schedule everyday for you to find a different time to make up. If there’s bad weather coming, we’ll contact you and give you time slots to reschedule for. Please note that all lessons must be rescheduled within 30 days of cancellation.