TBD, 2022

Join us for our 2022 ‘Camp Salt Sage’ adventures into the Wild West of Wyoming and Montana.

As we take you on a trip back in time, you will get to see the peaceful, rugged, and vast way of life on the Wyoming and Montana frontier. At Camp, you’ll work and move several head of cattle across the mountains, get to visit the wild mustangs up close and personal, get to dive deep into piney woods, fish the crystal clear lakes, and see some neat wildlife. With certified horse professionals, we will instruct riding, fit you with the horse that you will work best with, while working cattle. This is an experience that will not only improve your horsemanship skills, but give you a whole new approach to your horsemanship. Our staff has several years of instructing experience, as well as managing horse facilities. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced rider, we assure you that you will grow as a horseman!

We do recommend that you have riding experience prior to this trip. We spent lots of hours in the saddle and want every rider to be properly equipped before attending Camp. Our ranch offers lessons are both locations. If your riding is rusty, or you want to have some heads up on what exactly is to be expected as a rider on this trip, feel free to call and schedule a few classes. We can help get you ready!

The Historic Arrowhead Lodge is home to our Camp, and is both rustic and relaxing. We hope you will join us as we continue to spread our love of what life use to be like. Stay tuned for the dates and itinerary!

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